the start Sound of Hydra glide 1951

This is my collection of monthly magazines "The Enthusiast".

Manufacturers have always been keen to promote their products to the world. Sales brochures, wall posters of the latest models, sponsorship deals for riders, racers and clubs were just some of the efforts made to encourage riders to buy their products. Harley Davidson was no different and to get the message out there they produced a magazine called The Harley Davidson Enthusiast. First published in 1916 it was referred to as the ‘now and then magazine’ due to the sporadic nature of publication however later on it became more regular and was produced 4 times a year, cost a mere 5c each and was the bugle for all parties – manufacturer, dealers and owners to share their news with the world.As with all magazine type periodicals very few have survived the years, let alone the decades, this is my collections who you can download. They are PDFs so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them.

With this archive in pdf high resolution (300 dpi), you can see the events, the costumes, the news that the house "Harley" published each month.

This my collection ranges from early twenties to late fifties. It 'an archive very interesting to know the changes made from year to year harley models.

Zardo arch. Enzo